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Man Incarnate Spirit

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http://www.paperiandco.com/mikidis/10386 Ramón Lucas Lucas, Man Incarnate Spirit (A Philosophy of Man Compendium).  Cicle Press CT (USA) 2005;  pp. 442

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sites This compendium of philosophy of man has a prevalently pedagogical aim. For this reason, rather than a treatise for the specialist, it is meant to be a clear and easy-to-read “synthesis,” conscious that “clarity is the education of the philosopher.” Entire books could be written on each chapter; what is sought here, though, is to present the most important elements through which a coherent and well-grounded vision of man will emerge. Under the appearance of a “classical” scheme, an attempt has been made to integrate the great dynamism of contemporary anthropology. Existentialist language and point of view offer a key for dialoguing with “non-classical” thinkers.

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